SWU Japan - Our Mission
Who we are:
SWU Japan is a movement born in Tokyo, Japan after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. From day one of Ukraine’s invasion, Ukrainian nationals (and their friends of different nationalities) living and working in Tokyo came together to help relieve the devastating situation in Ukraine. We are ordinary people of different backgrounds, who are bringing together our knowledge and efforts to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and thrive as an independent state.
Our Objective And Desire
We desire and hope for nothing but peace–in Ukraine, as well as in the rest of the world. With Ukrainian nationals at the core of SWU, we have personal connections to our families and friends in Ukraine, who have been affected by the invasion. Our objective is to do everything in our power to help relieve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, while it has to defend its sovereignty. We also hope to promote the beauty and depth of Ukrainian culture and art.
What We Do
As Stand With Ukraine Japan, we are conducting a number of activities to reach our objectives
We raise the funds via donations and direct the funds to volunteers working in Ukraine and distributing humanitarian aid (food, medicine, hygiene items, etc.); we are in direct contact with each volunteer and we share their stories.
Contact with each volunteer and we share their stories. We support Ukrainian artists, craftsmen, makers, shop owners etc. who fully or partially lost the ability to conduct their business as usual.
We spread the depth of Ukrainian culture through exhibitions, workshops, festivals, installations and art performance, etc.
We are always open for anyone waiting to contribute to our mission. We are determined to help Ukraine get through these trying times, and to rebuild it as an independent state after.